"Sinclair Music provided the perfect orchestration, musicians, and music selection for our special day, thanks so much"
- Liz Myers, Toronto

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"Sinclair Music has had such a positive and profound impact on my kids. Sinclair Music's passion for music and education is evident in everything they do."
                                    - Kate Waller, Toronto

We're bringing anything from Beethoven to Bieber to homes in the Beaches, Mid-Town and Bloor West Village!

Sinclair Music is a dedicated team of educators who bring their love of music into your home on a schedule that fits your individual needs.

We provide in-home lessons for piano, guitar, voice, bass guitar, violin, ukulele, percussion and more as well as music coordination for your special event.
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At Sinclair Music, we strive to keep the process of learning an instrument from becoming just one more chore to complete. Through an individually tailored curriculum, our instructors will ensure that you are getting what you want from your lessons.

Your relationship with music is important to us. In addition to deepening your understanding and appreciation of the music you already know and love, we can help you discover new and exciting sources of creative inspiration. Our instructors can offer you access to a diverse range of musical styles and recording artists to broaden your musical horizons.

While we maintain a constructive and focused lesson environment, a Sinclair Music instructor will always keep it light and cheerful. Forget those strict, old-fashioned music teachers who yelled and scolded and enjoy a relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere.

Our instructors will help you set achievable goals in the discipline of your choice and provide support and encouragement while you work toward them. Whether you prefer a structured and rigorous methodology or just want to learn how to play your favourite songs, we offer you the guidance to ensure your efforts are effective at achieving your goals.

Nothing matches the feeling of finding "the pocket" with another musician. Our instructors will patiently support you while you find your musical footing. Then, when you are ready to start playing with others, you can take advantage of Sinclair Music's extensive network of students at all ages and skill levels and try some group lessons or band coaching.

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